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Connect Your AT&T IP Flexible Reach With the

Vodia IOP Phone System

Voice and data into one integrated access circuit

Utilize your current equipment

Avoid investing in new equipment for voice lines.

Who are we

PBX Feature 

Vodia Phone System 

A small but versatile phone system, neatly build with space in mind.

Connect your AT&T IP Flexible Reach SIP trunk with the Vodia PBX.

How it works

Connect your customers to the Vodia App, Available for iOS. 

Android and Windows Desktop.

SMS support, Presences, Chat and more.

Use your existing SIP trunks 

Connect your SIP trunk provider to the Vodia PBX by using our pre-loaded templates.  All you have to do is enter the SIP trunk provider's account information. Vodia will register with the trunk provider and automatically create a dial plan, so your users can start making and receiving calls.

Use your existing IP Phones

Vodia supports all IP phones that talk SIP; we even provision them.  This means that Vodia PBX will auto-configure the phone with your customer's name, extension number, the IP phone buttons, and more.

Turn your customers into subscribers

Stop giving away your leads to other companies. With Vodia you keep your relationships with your customers and the revenues that come from servicing them. Building up healthy long term relationships builds up value for you and your customers.

Apps for remote users

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131 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803

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